Throughout the year, our Heritage family will collect items for the communities we work and live in that are in need. In September, we collected more than 12,020 essential items for victims and survivors of domestic violence across the country.   

Proudly, We Are AMI

The Heritage Group is made up of more than 30 companies. Asphalt Materials, Inc. is a proud member of The Heritage Group. We bring more than 65 years of experience in the asphalt industry to road construction projects. We are fortunate to be in many great locations across the Midwest. Our connection with The Heritage Group and our family of companies provides us with the opportunity to make an impact in the communities where we are located and many others! 

Throughout the year, our Heritage family collects items for our neighbors in need. Together, across the Heritage Group we are leveraging the power of family to shape a better, brighter future for our communities and our world. 

We pride ourselves on doing the right thing, always. With so many causes to champion, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to determine what’s most important – for both our communities and our companies.  

Through teamwork and a shared commitment to our values, more than 6,000 individuals working around the United States and beyond, we have the people and resources to positively impact the communities in which we live. Our emphasis on employee involvement and meaningful community partnerships provides us with an uncommon opportunity to tackle some of today’s biggest challenges and seek out new opportunities to do good in our hometowns. 

Our two pillars for giving are Thriving Children and Prospering Communities. We aim to equip, educate, and inspire our children to ensure their success, and we invest in people, places, and spaces to strengthen communities and empower residents. By providing not just assistance, but also leveraging strengths, we are investing in a better tomorrow for our families, our neighbors, and our world. We do most of our service and giving on a local level, but our size and geographic diversity enable us to make a significant impact throughout the country. 

Opportunities to Give and Serve Throughout the Year

The Heritage Group and our companies are helping to support local organizations across our various locations. All members of the Heritage family are invited to participate in these initiatives in whatever ways are best for them. A group of impact champions and leaders are managing this initiative, called The Social Impact Task Force. They are committed to bringing together employees from across The Heritage Group to help create, implement, and champion cross-company community initiatives. The goal of the group is to identify local organizations to support around the rotating giving collection themes throughout the year.  

The Social Impact Task Force was created to unify pillars for strategic giving among the Heritage family of companies. With a membership of twelve employees from across The Heritage Group, the task force aims to tackle the big problems by stepping out and meeting the needs of our communities. This year’s Give Bag campaigns support the goals of thriving children and prosperous communities, whether they’re close to our corporate home in the Midwest or perhaps even Houston, Texas.  

Throughout the year, Heritage companies collect items for our neighbors in need. From school supplies to canned goods, to holiday gifts for underserved families, our collective generosity provides assistance for our communities. Give Bags, handed out during a collection drive, are a fun way to encourage donations within our organization. On an ongoing basis, they can be a tangible reminder that there is always a need somewhere in the community. 

September’s Give Bag Theme: Domestic Violence Victims & Survivors

During the month of September, The Heritage Group combined our efforts to support organizations that benefit victims of domestic violence. At the end of the month, our company-wide Give Bag donations resulted in a total of 12,020 items donated to our communities.  

One in 3 women and 1 in 4 men experience domestic violence in their lifetime. Annually, 15.5 million children live in homes where domestic violence occurs. Many organizations support those in need by providing transitional housing for survivors of domestic violence. Everyone deserves a safe home.  

“Our goal this month is to donate enough items to fill 30 Welcome Home Baskets for the survivors at the Coburn Place in Indianapolis.” 

Rebecca Rivers Duncan, Asphalt Materials Inc.

Indianapolis, Indiana AMI volunteers delivered their donation on September 28th to a local organization, the Coburn Place Safe Haven. At Coburn Place, survivors move into a freshly furnished and stocked apartment to help them transition as smoothly as possible. Help us set them up with the basic essentials for their new place because everyone deserves a safe home. Create a starter pack for a family at Coburn Place with our Amazon Wish List or create one with items from your favorite store, pack them up in the laundry basket and arrange an in-person donation! If you are interested in getting involved with the Coburn Place Safe Haven in Indianapolis, contact for information or to make a donation appointment! 

Another of our top contributing teams in Des Moines, Iowa donated their items to two local organizations, Sheltering Wings and Discover Hope. Both organizations are great community assistance programs, designed to help all kinds of people in need within the community.  

“I live in Newton, and I ended up connecting with a few locations to help those who have been through domestic violence or child abuse. We also have a really cool system in Newton called the blessing box. We’ve donated there before, and this time used BITUMINOUS’s funds to donate at different locations.” 

Chris Aldama, AMI 


Through the collective power of our Heritage family, we as a company have the opportunity to help children thrive and our communities prosper. As an organization, The Heritage Group is deeply committed to being a positive force in our communities, lending hands to support our neighbors in need.  

Around the country, employees at our Heritage family of companies donated hundreds of hours of time and thousands of dollars of resources to support their communities and help vulnerable individuals and families during a time of fear or uncertainty. Consider how you might contribute to meeting the needs in your own community!