In August of 2022, a project took place in Martinsville, IN with our Cold-In-Place Recycling (CIR) technology.

CIR is a cost-effective and sustainable method of constructing a recycled asphalt-bound layer that reduces trucking and construction time and saves natural resources.  CIR is part of our AMICYCLE™ product portfolio, which also includes FDR (Full Depth Reclamation) and CCPR (Cold Central Plant Recycling). 

Four and a half miles of Old State Road 37 was rehabilitated using Cold-in-Place Recycling, topped with 1.5 inches of HMA overlay.

Sales and support teams from Asphalt Materials, Inc, experts from Heritage Research Group and road crews from Milestone Contractors worked together to bring this sustainable project to life. This collaboration and technology brought residents of Morgan County a rehabilitated road with a short timeline, minimal traffic impacts, and cost savings to taxpayers.   

Several members of the AMI, HC+M and HRG team supported this project.

Tony Hinkle, Former Morgan County Engineer 

Tim Zahrn, Specialty Products Area Manager | Asphalt Materials, Inc. 

Aaron Osman, Recycling Representative | Dunn Company 

Megan Yount, Pavement Materials Engineer Manager | Heritage Research Group 

Nate Jenkins, Central Indiana Sales Representative |Asphalt Materials, Inc. 

J-Band Applied Over the CIR Project 

On August 31st and September 1st, J-Band was placed on Waverly Park Road in Morgan County, Indiana. This was a county project. The project covered a 4.3 mile long, heavily traveled, two lane highway. The project started near SR-144 running south.

This was a particularly important project for Morgan County. It was exciting to see so many members of the HC+M and HRG teams play key roles in the success of this project. The AMI team was involved with their county relationships and liquid supply, HRG Labs were involved with coring, technical expertise, project support and QA/QC. Milestone was the prime paving contractor and Illiana was the J-Band applicator.

On the job was Dwight Koontz from Milestone along with Jared Staggs and his crew. For the Morgan County CIR project they decided to hire Dunn Company to subcontract from Decatur, Illinois. Dunn Company brought in their advance milling machinery to ensure top results. The road was then milled and replaced down where it had to sit between 7-10 days in the evaporation process. The next procedure was to shoot the tack on the center line. Then the sister company, J-Band, came in to apply on the center line. Jared Staggs and his crews paved the 4 1/2 mile stretch which only took them 2 days to complete. In order to do this they paved one side of the road one day and the other side the following.

To read more about this story and watch a video of the CIR and J-Band process, follow the links below.