Wrapping Up WatchFor.Us!

April is not just the beginning of Spring but also marks the start of construction season. With more people traveling and construction projects getting started, it’s crucial to raise awareness about safety initiatives while traveling through job sites.

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Construction Worker Safety is a Family Matter

The Scott Family Shares Personal Stories About Work Zone Safety

After more than five years, Indiana House Bill 1015, the work-site safety pilot program, has passed the Indiana General Assembly and now heads to the Governor’s desk for his signature. This pilot program places electronic license plate readers in active construction sites, monitoring for drivers exceeding posted work site speed limits by at least 11 miles per hour. First-time offenders will be mailed a warning, with second-time violators receiving fines of 75 dollars.

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Safety Stand Downs Help Asphalt Materials Prepare for a Safe & Successful 2023 Season

Annual Event Focuses on Best Practice Identification and Shared Learning Opportunities

The Safety Stand Down is a great opportunity for our AMI family to come together and have serious discussions about keeping our work environments as safe as possible.  The sessions are facilitated by all levels of our team, including members of Asphalt Materials’ Leadership Team, Managers, and employees.

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Worksite Safety Legislation in Indiana Passes

Program to Enforce Worksite Speed Limits

After five years of effort by our Government Affairs team and representatives from Heritage Construction + Materials working closely with lawmakers, the Worksite Safety Bill has passed in both the Indiana House and Senate. This law requires the Indiana Department of Transportation to establish a worksite speed control pilot program to enforce the worksite speed limit and that means safer worksites for our crews and drivers alike. Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this victory!

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Rumble Strips Can Help Save Lives

Impact of Rumble Strips on Longitudinal Joint Pavement Performance

Rumble Strips Can Help Save Lives

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting was held in Washington, D.C. in early January. This year’s theme was Rejuvenation Out of Disruption: Envisioning a Transportation System for a Dynamic Future. The meeting included exhibitors from academia, industry, and government agencies presenting the latest research findings, technical developments, and implementation efforts within the asphalt industry. 

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Success Begins with Engagement

LIKE AN ENGINEERED PAVEMENT, NAPA is on a solid foundation, resilient despite economic uncertainty across markets, and designed to last well into the future. 

by Jim Mitchell, NAPA Chairman of the Board

Excerpts from October 2022 Article Featured in Asphalt Pavement Magazine

I keep emphasizing engagement, because it is your commitment to this industry, and this Association, that affirms our success. It’s your engagement in meetings, committees, task forces, local and national advocacy, peer-to-peer interactions, and educational opportunities that advance our progress. In short, you make NAPA and the asphalt pavement industry stronger.

You can also make a difference in someone’s life.

September was Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Collectively, we must use this moment as a springboard to strengthen our community. Please contribute your voice to the campaign to reduce suicide among our own.

Suicide and mental health issues are outsized in the construction industry. The CDC reports that men in the industry commit suicide at a rate 65% higher than men in all industries. We have an obligation to reach out and lend support whenever and however we can.

NAPA is debuting new resources on our website not only to raise awareness of this issue but also to provide resources relevant to our industry. Please use them to engage in vital conversations with your employees and colleagues.

For our businesses to remain successful and for this industry to keep America moving, we need everyone to be safe, aware and committed. We need each other. Engage in the conversation, no matter how hard it may seem. You just might save a life, even your own.

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The Beauty of Asphalt

All About Asphalt

Asphalt is the heart of our roads and infrastructure, and better yet, it is the most recycled material in America. Asphalt is the top reused and recycled good, above paper, plastic, and cans. The question on most people’s minds, is how is one of the most important aspects of our infrastructure also the most recyclable? The answers have to do with sustainability, circular economy, and perpetual pavement.

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