Facility Spotlight: St. Elmo, Illinois

Location: St. Elmo, IL 

Address: 200 E 4th Street. St. Elmo, IL 62458 

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 7 am-3 pm (Offseason) 2 am-5 pm (Summer Season) 

Terminal Manager: Jeremy Dilley – Jdilley@asphalt-materials.com 

Sales:  Rick Byers- Rick.Beyers@asphalt-materials.com 

Products: This terminal provides anionic emulsions and cutbacks/road oils that primarily ship to western and central Illinois.  

History of Facility:  

The St. Elmo plant which is located near Eastern Illinois University was originally a refinery in the 1930s, but later converted to a light products facility, and in 1979 converted into the Emulsion Terminal it is today.  

Other Fun Facts: 

  • The St. Elmo plant has an abandoned airport west of the terminal that Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart frequented when visiting the area.  
  • 22- acre footprint 

About the Team:  

This terminal has a small but mighty team of 6 that provides a family-like atmosphere. This team has a primary goal to continue its integration into the AMI family for 2023 and beyond. They see a future to expand their experienced workforce and believe this terminal has endless possibilities for growth.  

Have a Project to Discuss? Let’s Chat: 

At Asphalt Materials, we have a wide variety of products to fit your needs. To learn more about the products and services we offer visit: https://asphalt-materials.com/products/ 

Are you in St. Elmo, Illinois area and want to discuss a project? Please contact Terminal Manager Jeremy Dilley. 

Interested in other locations? Visit: https://asphalt-materials.com/locations/ 

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Our People: Team AMI goes Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The AMI team was dedicated to supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We all wore pink! From the President, to the plant and operations teams, we sported shades of pink in honor of those who have battled or are currently fighting breast cancer. We also participated in a fundraising event in solidarity with those who’ve received a breast cancer diagnosis and to remind everyone about the importance of screenings.

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TEAM AMI Helping Gleaners Food Bank

Lending Both Time and Expertise to Help Gleaners Food Bank

Gleaners is making an important difference for Hoosiers across the 21 counties they serve. During the challenging times we’ve all experienced the last few years, Gleaners has seen an amazing outpouring of support from our community. Every volunteer is an invaluable part of their fight against hunger.

Members of our Asphalt Materials team were on site at the Indianapolis Gleaners location on Waldemere Avenue on the 13th of September. The team helped package over 100 orders, which included enough for nearly 6000 meals.

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National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

September 11th through the 17th is National Driver Appreciation week; a time dedicated to showing our respect and gratitude to all professional truck drivers for the hard work they do. 

We ask that everyone takes a moment to recognize the men and women on whom we depend on to deliver our food, medical supplies, goods and materials that keep America running.

When you see a truck driver, take the time to say thanks! 

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