This Asphalt Materials Inc. (AMI) project included the construction of two (2) winter tanks and three (3) polymer concentrate tanks at our Urbana, IL location. Additionally, we added an in-line blending system and truck loading station.  AMI also leveraged Champaign Asphalt’s help with site grading and underground civil construction work.

Captured Above: A time-lapse of the Saline Court Plant project.
Pictured Above: The project comes to an end.

The project started with the front-end planning and engineering work in 2020. Construction started in the spring of 2021 and was completed this past spring. There are several project benefits including:

  • Additional winter fill capacity now available
  • Ability to now do in-line blends
  • Just-in-time supply from onsite polymer storage
  • Satisfying customer requests when it comes to smaller orders
  • Capacity to grow polymer products further
  • Freeing up other assets for emulsion base blending and production to take place

A huge thank you to the personnel that made this project such a success! Mitchell Kovalsky, Luke Cahill, Chris Collenberger, Joe Benson, Carlton Moore & many others on the Emulsicoat team.