HC+M is one of the first 25 companies to be named a Good Wages Certified Employer. We are proud to invest in our people and community by offering a living wage of at least $18 an hour, plus healthcare benefits. 

On May 9th, the launch of EmployIndy’s Good Wages Initiative was celebrated at The Center. While the program is Indianapolis-based, all HC+M businesses and locations meet the threshold for qualification. 

“Families that don’t make a living wage are, at best, living paycheck to paycheck….in the economy, it exasperates a source of workforce turnover because someone will change jobs for a quarter or fifty cents more an hour because it will eventually pay for shoes for one of their children they can’t afford now. It isn’t about loyalty to a company or workplace conditions – It is about family and personal survival.” – Kierstin Janik, Chief Talent Officer

Effect On Business: 

Paying higher wages to full-time employees improves attendance, productivity, and focus while decreasing turnover costs. It also increases customer loyalty for customers seeking to support businesses that align with their personal values. Good wages also improve retention and boost talent attraction. 

“Raising wages by just $1/hour over a competitor can help attract up to 30% more well-qualified applicants.” 

Effect On Workers: 

Receiving higher wages results in better physical and mental health, higher life expectancy, and improved opportunities for advancement for workers. With living wages workers can support themselves, improve their work performance, and foster financial security. Workers also have new opportunities for advancement because of their improved work performance and lower stress levels.

Effect On The Community: 

Higher wages drive economic development and fuel strong job growth and competition. Sustainable wages also increase racial equity, stimulate local commerce, and boost economic mobility. 

“As businesses pay higher wages, buying power increases — stimulating the economy, improving community vitality, and boosting aggregate economic demand. When workers can pay for basic needs, public assistance spending declines — which currently costs taxpayers roughly $153 billion annually.”

Heritage Construction + Materials

For more than 50 years, the Heritage Construction + Materials (HC+M) family of companies has offered customers and partners the highest quality solutions for asphalt products, aggregate supply and construction services. Committed to being good stewards of our resources and our environment, HC+M companies are industry-leading innovators who, with help from the Heritage Research Group, our in-house R&D division, produce some of the best road-building products in the world. We are raising the standard in the construction industry by solving problems, innovating solutions and moving great ideas forward to build a safer, more sustainable world.

Heritage Construction + Materials is a Certified employer of choice through EmployIndy’s Good Wages Initiative (GWI).


Asphalt Materials recognizes the importance of supporting both current and future employees. By providing benefits and higher wages, we are changing the culture to build a strong regional labor force and create a positive community impact.

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About EmployIndy

EmployIndy guides the local workforce ecosystem and makes strategic investments to remove barriers to quality employment for underserved and underrepresented residents. Our vision is for all Marion County residents to have access to services and training necessary to secure a livable wage and grow in a career that meets employer demand for talent.

As the workforce development board for Marion County, guided by 26 business, civic, education, and nonprofit community leaders, EmployIndy invests more than $20 million in public, private and philanthropic funds for both youth and adults annually. Learn more www.employindy.org