LIKE AN ENGINEERED PAVEMENT, NAPA is on a solid foundation, resilient despite economic uncertainty across markets, and designed to last well into the future. 

by Jim Mitchell, NAPA Chairman of the Board

Excerpts from October 2022 Article Featured in Asphalt Pavement Magazine

I keep emphasizing engagement, because it is your commitment to this industry, and this Association, that affirms our success. It’s your engagement in meetings, committees, task forces, local and national advocacy, peer-to-peer interactions, and educational opportunities that advance our progress. In short, you make NAPA and the asphalt pavement industry stronger.

You can also make a difference in someone’s life.

September was Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Collectively, we must use this moment as a springboard to strengthen our community. Please contribute your voice to the campaign to reduce suicide among our own.

Suicide and mental health issues are outsized in the construction industry. The CDC reports that men in the industry commit suicide at a rate 65% higher than men in all industries. We have an obligation to reach out and lend support whenever and however we can.

NAPA is debuting new resources on our website not only to raise awareness of this issue but also to provide resources relevant to our industry. Please use them to engage in vital conversations with your employees and colleagues.

For our businesses to remain successful and for this industry to keep America moving, we need everyone to be safe, aware and committed. We need each other. Engage in the conversation, no matter how hard it may seem. You just might save a life, even your own.

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