AMIBIND™ Products Help CCAP Project in Jennings County, Indiana

An Economic Alternative to Full Reconstruction

Cold Constructed Asphalt Pavement (CCAP®) is a cold mix asphalt that is created by combining aggregate and a chemically modified asphalt and mixing the two ingredients at ambient temperature. The cold mix may be stockpiled for weeks to a few months and then placed using a paver for road repair such as patching potholes or adding a new layer to low-volume roads. A chip seal is often placed over the cold mix. 

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TEAM AMI Builds 1000 Kits to Help Indianapolis Hunger Relief Efforts

The event was held on August 10, 2022

Asphalt Materials, Inc.’s (AMI) Indianapolis headquarters hosted a Snack Pack Kit Build on August 10 and assembled 1000 Snack Packs. These packs will be distributed through Second Helpings, a local Indianapolis hunger relief agency, Kids Snack Pack Kits provide nutritious snacks for children experiencing food insecurities.

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Fog Seal Treatments Can Enhance Safety

Fog Seal Treatments can be a valuable aid to renew weathered asphalt surfaces while also improving the appearance of the surface.

A fog seal is a single application, typically light, of emulsified asphalt to an existing asphalt road surface. This type of maintenance treatment can be a valuable aid to renew weathered (oxidized) asphalt surfaces, improve the surface appearance, seal minor cracks and surface voids, and inhibit raveling.

On July 29th a fog seal project took place in Morgan County, Indiana. The pictures in this article are from that project.

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Cold-in-Place Recycling is a Key Reason Asphalt is the Most Recycled Product.

Any day is a beautiful day to recycle pavement. This particular project took place earlier this week in Martinsville, IN with our Cold-In-Place Recycling (CIR) technology. CIR is a cost-effective and sustainable method of constructing a recycled asphalt-bound layer that reduces trucking and construction time and saves natural resources.

With an increasing emphasis on infrastructure, the reuse of valuable existing resources is a critical component in a pavement manager’s arsenal. According to research, the advanced technologies used in recycling and reclamation processes can provide major benefits such as:

  • significant cost savings,
  • lowered environmental impact,
  • and precision engineering for stronger, safer, more sustainable roads.

The asphalt industry is in a good place, but more work is being done to get even better, more sustainable and resilient if you will. The world’s most recycled material is asphalt. A report from the Federal Highway Administration shows that 80% of the asphalt pavement that’s removed each year during widening and resurfacing projects is reused.

CIR is a process that removes cracks and other pavement distresses. CIR is a rehabilitation technique where pavement is milled, crushed, and mixed in place with a stabilizing emulsion or foamed asphalt and then placed with conventional paving equipment. Roads should be evaluated beforehand for suitability for the CIR process.

Asphalt Materials has been focused on building longer-lasting, safer roads since 1956. We have the full support of the Heritage Research Group Laboratories to help us achieve this objective. We also have extensive knowledge in recycling products and processes, combined with the technical expertise gained from years of experience. To learn more about our AMICYCLE™ products, visit our products page.

J-Band® and CCAP®  are registered trademarks of Asphalt Materials, Inc.

AMIBIND™, AMIBOND™, AMICYCLE™, AMIGUARD™ and AMISEAL™ are trademarks of Asphalt Materials, Inc.

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Asphalt Materials Partners With United Way To Fight Hunger

Event will take place on August 10, 2022

Asphalt Materials, Inc.’s (AMI) Indianapolis headquarters is hosting a Snack Pack Kit Build on August 10. Distributed through Second Helpings, a local Indianapolis hunger relief agency, Kids Snack Pack Kits provide nutritious snacks for children experiencing food insecurities.

Our goal is to donate 1000 Snack Packs to Second Helpings and currently and we are recruiting team members to help achieve this goal.

This event is part of a larger initiative of Asphalt Materials Inc., which is partnering with 20 United Ways across the Midwest on volunteer projects. The company’s Indianapolis location is partnering with United Way of Central Indiana for the August project. The business will host another project in November, at the same time, the company’s other locations will volunteer with their local United Ways over the course of one week.  

United Way’s basic needs work helps provide Hoosiers with affordable housing, reliable transportation, access to healthcare services – and healthy food.  The need is great: Nearly 40% of Indiana households cannot afford to meet their basic needs, according to United Way.  

“We are so grateful for the partnership with AMI and their commitment to the communities they operate in,” said Ashley Furois, United Way’s vice president of workplace fundraising. “These kinds of volunteer opportunities make a real difference to families who are facing economic instability because it’s one less worry in a sea of overwhelming and difficult decisions they face every day.” 

Volunteers for the August event will be building kits during the times listed below. 

  • 11AM-12PM
  • 12PM-1PM
  • 1PM-2PM
  • 2PM-3PM
  • 3PM-4PM

#AMISERVES means that the AMI team is committed to building a safer, more enriching and sustainable world in the communities where we live and work.

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Amelia Earhart. A Spotlight on Women in STEM.

Amelia Earhart was More Than Just an American Aviator

Born July 24, 1897 

We celebrate Amelia Earhart as a pioneering woman of science, someone who participated in and promoted STEM education, much of it here in Indiana.  In 1935, Earhart became a visiting faculty member at Purdue University as an advisor to aeronautical engineering and a career counselor to female students.

Being an Indiana company with deep roots stretching all the way back to 1930, you might imagine the connections with Purdue University are also deep-rooted. We are a company that is involved in construction, materials, chemicals, and environmental services with research and development across all of our businesses. These areas of parallel commonalities to a Purdue University STEM education are just a few reasons why these roots are so deep.

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