Co-authored by Zoe Buhl,

On July 12th, the Monroe County Road Commission gathered to pay tribute to a truly remarkable individual. They unveiled a sign dedicating more than 10 miles of St. Anthony and Samaria roads in Monroe County that will forever bear the name of a beloved individual who left an unforgettable mark on the lives of those he touched – Scott Assenmacher.

Scott’s journey through life was one of dedication, passion, and perseverance. During his time as a highway engineer at the Monroe County Road Commission, Scott spearheaded projects to help repave and repair roads, like Samaria, that had been neglected for more than 50 years. 

The project used recycled asphalt to replace the crumbling concrete pavement and saved the Commission a significant amount of money.  Those who knew him well understood that Scott’s passion was not just for the asphalt and roads he worked with, but for the people he served and the communities, he improved. 

Todd Allen and Jim Morgan of the Monroe County Road Commission unveil the sign to honor Scott F. Assenmacher, a long-time engineer who died in January.- TOM HAWLEY/THE MONROE NEWS

The memory of Scott’s infectious enthusiasm and unwavering determination came to life as those that loved him dearly gathered to honor his contributions to the region. St. Anthony and Samaria roads, once forgotten and crumbling, were given a new lease on life thanks to Scott’s ingenuity. Today, those very roads stand as a testament to his dedication, a legacy paved in asphalt for all to see, remember, and experience. 

Regional Sales Manager at AMI and longtime friend of Scott’s, Bucky Brooks, fondly recalled the transformation of those many road projects Scott helped improve. “I always say it was probably one of the worst roads in the world and I don’t think I would find many people who would disagree with me,” Bucky shared, “Now it’s one of the better roads in Monroe County.”

Scott worked on an award-winning pavement project for Dundee High School, also in Monroe County. The parking lots had been neglected for over 20 years and needed desperate repair. Scott, with his unyielding passion and thorough research, brought the parking lot back to life and saved the Dundee School Board nearly half a million dollars in the process. The project was given the 2023 Special Recognition Award for Excellence in Full Depth Reclamation by the Asphalt Recycling & Reclaiming Association (ARRA). 

Amid celebration and remembrance, it was clear that Scott was more than just an exceptional engineer; he was a cherished teammate, a kind, giving soul, a beacon of light, and a symbol of what it meant to leave a lasting impact on the world.

The world is a better place because of Scott Assenmacher, and though he may have left this earth, his legacy will forever live on in the roads he helped build, the lives he touched, and the hearts he filled with hope. 

The highway dedication was attended by Scott’s family and close friends, followed by a luncheon at the family’s beloved pole barn. 

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