The Future of Rumble Strips: Innovative Materials for Enhanced Durability

Drivers are distracted now more than ever. Whether it be falling asleep behind the wheel or texting while driving, drivers are not paying attention to the roads. So, it is important to invest in a proven safety tool, centerline rumble strips (CLRS). Though rumble strips save lives, they may reduce the life and performance of the centerline joint.

By applying J-Band®, Asphalt Material Inc.’s (AMI) void reducing asphalt membrane (VRAM) product, and AMIGUARD™, Asphalt Material Inc.’s rapid penetrating emulsion (RPE), you can protect the joint, the pavement and the lives of workers and drivers alike.

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Pavement Recycling as a Tool for Asset Management

Did you know that asphalt pavement is one of America’s most recycled materials? Pavement conditions can be significantly improved when recycling processes like Cold in Place Recycling (CIR), Cold Central Plant Recycling (CCPR), and Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) are applied at the right time. Recycling can successfully mitigate cracking in existing asphalt pavement structures with the application of up-front pavement investigation and training on the specific recycling technique.  

Our very own Megan Yount from Heritage Research Group (HRG) was able to speak about Pavement Recycling and its benefits in a recent conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, as a co-presentation with a local agency. This presentation highlighted a successful recycling workshop which partnered with local associations and led to a strong recycling program in Lake County, Indiana.    

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HRG Spotlight: Cold in Place Recycling Technology Delivers Morgan County Residents a Rehabilitated Road

During 2022, County Engineer Tony Hinkle reached out to Heritage Research Group (HRG), to have Waverly Park Road in Morgan County, Indiana, be sampled for a potential recycling project. The results from pavement sampling determined that the road was a candidate for a 4-inch Cold In-place Recycling (CIR) treatment. Based on the report’s recommendations, Hinkle made the decision to move forward with the CIR treatment to repair and preserve the pavement.  

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Reclaiming Resources through Cold in Place Recycling

Over the years, asphalt has become the most popular choice when it comes to selecting environmentally friendly pavements. To take it one step further, cold mix pavement layers have been developed to create even more sustainable products for road construction. Cold recycling techniques are methods that not only avoid the application of heat but reuse aged asphalt pavements already within the current infrastructure. This technique used helps treat raveling, potholes, skid resistance, rutting, block cracking, and so much more.  

Cold recycling includes two subcategories, cold in place recycling (CIR) and cold central plant recycling (CCPR). In this article we will highlight a successful CIR project in Jefferson County, Indiana. 

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