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Heritage Research Group provides research and technical support to The Heritage Group companies and the clients they serve.  Heritage Research Group looks for synergy between companies as a catalyst for new ideas.  Opportunities and ideas are converted into reality primarily through hard work and perseverance.  What worked in the laboratory often doesn’t work in the field.  Because of this, Heritage Research Group is involved in the product or process from laboratory to its end use in order to understand all aspects.  Our hands-on approach has been a key to our success. As such, Heritage Research Group is a conduit for researching new ideas from concept to completion.

Heritage Research Group has a dedicated staff of chemists, engineers, and technicians who call on the diverse talents of the individual companies in a team approach to produce new products and processes.  Often the views of a seemingly unrelated field will create a fresh new approach to solving a problem.

Heritage Research Group is part of the commitment to use technology in a beneficial way, building competitive advantages in a global, market-based economy.